Quantcast Routine Inspection.

TM 10-1670-201-23
T.O. 13C-1-41
NAVAIR 13-1-17
Routine  inspections  of  emergency-type  personnel
date both the Army Parachute Log
parachutes performed by US Army aviation units will be
Record (DA Form 10-42 or 39121 and
accomplished in accordance with TM 551500-204-25 /
a copy of TM 10-1670-1 / AFM 64-15.
Upon completion of pack, insure a
copy of TM 10-1670-1 / AFM 6415
2-16. In-storage Inspection.
enclosed in a clear, heat-sealed
An  in-storage  inspection  is  a  physical  check
polyethylene bag is placed into the
conducted on a random sample basis of airdrop
emergency-type personnel parachute
equipment which is located in storage. The purpose of
log record pocket.
the inspection is to insure that the equipment is ready
for issue, that the item is properly identified and
2-15. Routine Inspection.
segregated from other types of equipment, that no
A routine inspection is a visual check performed to
damage or deterioration of equipment has been
ascertain the serviceability of all visible components of a
incurred, and that all modifications or similar action
parachute or other airdrop item which is packed or
requirements have been completed.  The inspection
rigged for use.  The inspection will be made on all
shall also concern the methods and procedures applied
components that can be inspected without opening the
to the storage of airdrop items, the adequacy of storage
parachute pack/bag or derigging a load.  All airdrop
facilities, efforts of pest and rodent control, and
equipment will be administered a routine inspection by a
protection against unfavorable climatic conditions.
parachute rigger prior to issue. Personnel parachutes
Airdrop equipment which is in storage will be inspected
issued for an airdrop operation and not deployed will
at least semiannually and at more frequent intervals if
receive a routine inspection prior to being placed into
prescribed by the local parachute maintenance officer.
ready-for-issue storage.  Additionally, emergency-type
The frequency of inspection may vary according to the
personnel parachutes packed for use will be inspected
type of storage facilities and local climatic conditions. In
every 30 calendar days or at more frequent intervals as
storage inspections will be conducted only by parachute
prescribed by the local unit commander. The necessity
rigger  personnel  designated  by  local  parachute
for shorter time periods between inspections may result
maintenance officer.
from climatic conditions or other environmental aspects.
TM 10-1670-201-23 T.O.  13C-1-41 NAVAIR 13-1-17
dispenser which accommodates the 20-foot-long roll of
2-17. General.
paper and provides a pH color chart on one side for
There are some airdrop items which are required to be
color shade comparison. To accomplish an acidity test
tested before being placed into use.  The testing
on a fabric or webbing item, proceed as follows:
requirement may be on a one-time basis or at periodic
intervals, depending on the item. However, regardless
a. Using a medicine dropper or equivalent type
of the item type, only a parachute rigger will administer
applicator, place one to two drops of water on the item
a test.
in the intended test area.  If the water drops do not
penetrate the material, gently rub the moistened area
2-17A. Fabric and Webbing Acidity Test
with a flat side of a clean metal packing paddle.
Airdrop items or associated components and parts
b. Tear a suitable sized piece of Tridicator pH
that are constructed from fabric or webbing will be
paper from the roll dispenser. Place the piece of pH
administered an acidity test whenever the material is
paper on the wetted area and press the full surface of
discolored, stained, or the presence of acid is
the paper against the material with a flat side of the
suspected. The acidity test will be accomplished using
packing paddle used in paragraph a. above. Insure the
Tridicator universal three-color pH paper (P/N 1-11,
pH paper becomes thoroughly wet.
MFR's Code 52419) that is offered in a pocket size roll
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