Quantcast Operation of ARABS in Delayed Opening Mode - Continued WARNING It   is   highly   recommended   that   free   fall   bundles   he   ground controlled.  A parachutist descending below an ARABS in free fall  could  possibly  risk  collision  upon  deployment  of  his  main parachute. Free  fall  rate  of  descent  is  directly  related  to  the  size  and  weight  of  the payload.   A   heavier   payload   with   the   same   drag   area   will   have   a proportionately  higher  rate  of  descent.  As  an  example,  a  500  pound payload  with  a  drag  area  (bottom  surface)  of  approximately  1.4  square feet (10 x 20 inches) will descend under the drogue at approximately the same speed as a free fall parachutist, while a load with the same area and only 200 pounds in weight or a 500 pound payload with a standard size of 30 x 40 inches (8.33 ft2),  will descend at roughly half of that rate.  With larger  sized  payloads,  the  rate  of  descent  would  be  proportionately  less. This is an important consideration if the load is to be accompanied in free fall  by  a  parachutist,  for  air  control  of  the  load.  It  would  be  ultimately impossible  for  a  jumper  to  follow  a  bundle  that  is  only  descending  at  60 mph. 2-67

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